Signs of Development
Lynne Wiesman
RID, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Lynne, founder and president of Signs of Development, LLC, has a long history working as a Sign Language interpreter and providing professional development activities for Sign Language Interpreters.


Publications and Letters

In her tenure with the state of N.C., she was responsible for developing, implementing and administering two state interpreter testing systems: educational and community-based. This work involved all aspects of program development administration including developing and monitoring legislation, administrative rules, policies and procedures.


She has contracted and consulted with numerous agencies of, by and for the deaf.  Lynne has also served on several state and local boards such as:

N.C. Association of the Deaf

N.C. Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

St. Louis Deaf Community Center Task Force


She holds a long-standing commitment to improving and enhancing the interpreting services provided to the deaf community both in the community and in education. In this newest venture, she hopes to bring (with the assistance of numerous very talented colleagues and associates) the benefits of training and development via the most efficient medium: the WWWorkshops.

Lynne’s professional and academic experiences are varied. She previously contracted with Southwestern Illinois College to develop and enhance the Interpreter Studies Program by redesigning the curricula and align it with national standards to benefit the students by requiring fluency in Sign Language as a pre-requisite for entrance. She has also completed the requirements for the graduate certificate and is a Master Mentor. Currently she is pursuing her doctorate in Training and Performance Improvement.

Lynne has taught online in a number of venues: Northeastern University as an adjunct faculty in the Master Mentor Program, DeVry/Keller University teaching online business classes, and Signs of Development’s study groups preparing interpreters to sit for written, interview, and performance certification.

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