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Individual Study Modules are ready for you to begin!

Do you plan to take your NIC Written, NIC Performance/Interview, BEI, SC:L or CDI test? How about the EIPA performance or written tests? We can help you prepare for any of these tests and face them with confidence!

If you’re familiar with our study groups from the past, you will notice two important changes with our ISMs that we think you’ll love!

* YOUR Style, YOUR Schedule! The groups have been changed to an independent studies format! While you will have technical support and the advice of a facilitator if necessary, these groups have been adapted to fit your style and your schedule even better! You can take your time or go as quickly through the units as you want. While the study groups have been developed to complete in about16 weeks, you will have up to six months to complete your studies. The ISMs include the same comprehensive content that people over the past 7+ years have used in our study groups program.

* Join when YOU want to! We’ve adapted the groups so that you may join at any time!
Start when YOU want, study at YOUR own pace, and get ready for that all-important test!

All of the self-analysis tools that are used in our mentoring training are provided to you, as well as guidance on how to use them!! These ISMs are not just for those who are preparing for testing - the information contained in each is great review (or new knowledge or furthering your skills development) for the working interpreter, too.

If you registered to receive CEUs, you will find instructions within the modules. We will email you a certificate for your files and will submit the information to RID or your state agency. The cost for a certificate of completion and/or CEUs is $60.

IF you don’t need a certificate or CEUs, you pay only the cost of the study group. It’s a great way to prepare yourself for that all-important test.

Go to for information and registration. If your questions are not answered there, email

Site news

Exciting Opportunities for YOU!!!
by Lynne Wiesman - Monday, 29 June 2015, 05:48 AM

Individual Study Modules and Communities of Practice are underway!

We are energized with new ideas and ways to bring professional development and continuing education to interpreters across the U.S. We are undertaking a new venture that we hope will address the critical need expressed by many to bring professional development to more experienced interpreters. A trend in training & performance improvement circles are Communities of Practice.

You are embarking on a new journey with the establishment of the CoP groups. The critical piece of this process is YOU!

  • Yearn
  • Own
  • Use

These will be groups for YOU and have brought together like-minded professionals interested in discussing topics relevant to practice, interest, and the thirst to expand, increase, and enhance knowledge in specific domains of practice of importance to YOU! In this way, you read subjects in which YOU have an interest, discuss topics YOU yearn to discuss, YOU will own through the discussion, and therefore, YOU will use it in your professional practice. These CoPs will be a different way to earn CEUs because YOU will not be attending a workshop developed and delivered by someone who estimates what YOU need but will be developed of, by, and for YOU. YOU will shape them for yourself and be affecting and impacting every other person who participates both now and in the future - leave YOUR legacy!

Look for CoPs in the areas of legal, medical, ethics, business practices, mental health, education, and any area of interest to practicing interpreters. The sky's the limit and YOU determine the subjects.

We are entering our20th year of developing and providing professional development here at Signs of Development. We were pioneers in the industry, paving the way for workshops & CEUs to be received in convenient and more cost effective ways by leveraging technology, creativity, energy, and the talents of all. Since that time, we have been excited to see so many follow suit to expand the opportunities for professional development to interpreters. That, in turn, supports an industry and the consumers they serve by developing interpreters to be more qualified and confident!

The time has flown by and we've seen so many interpreters rise to new heights with their skills and knowledge of the profession. We're now heading into our thrid decade and ready to work with you to attain YOUR goals! We are hard at work pioneering new opportunities and are putting the full force of our knowledge and experience leveraging that technology, creativity, energy, and talent that has constantly and passionately worked to advance the field of Sign Language interpreting!

The following is the information to describe the expectations and parameters of the CoPs:

Description of Activity:

Communities of practice are groups of people who asynchronously share a common interest, concern, thirst for knowledge, or a passion for a topic related to what they do. Together, the group develops the collective knowledge to learn how to do what they do better. Together, you leave your mark on this profession in which future interpreters read and will be influenced and impacted.

The hallmark of the CoP is the asynchronous interaction, professional development at your pace, on your time, at at your convenience. Based solidly in social and situated learning, CoPs depend upon the regular interaction and activities of the community members who develop a relationship over that time (and potentially beyond!)

Participants (or community members) will have the opportunity to engage in research, dialogue, and application of a variety of topics related to interpreting competencies. CoPs are broken into major categories and further into a specific subject or topic and need to be completed in 8 weeks. Participants may opt out of a CoP after the 4 week period or continue membership delving further into the topic.

Educational Objectives:

Community Members will:

oEngage in a community of professionals interested in advancing skills and knowledge in a specific area of competence required to be a qualified interpreter

oProvide leadership in one area of the specific topic to guide community toward a new, and perhaps heightened, sense of awareness and knowledge about the topic

oDemonstrate an increased awareness and knowledge about the specific topic area

oArticulate the application, synthesis and evaluation of the subject matter to the interpreter’s work

Action Plan:

Community Members will participate in the main article, their own article, and two articles posted of other community members (current or past) as well as a comprehensive reflection according to the following guidelines:

o1st & 2nd Weeks: read the main article provided and respond to and discuss the thought question for that article in the first two weeks:

  1. First week: read article, make notes, reflect upon what it means to you and your work. At the conclusion of the week, post your reflective summary of the reading.
  2. Second week: read other's posts on the article, post at least two thorough responses to two other postings to further the discussion, add value to the Community, and deepen your own understanding of the article's topic and propositions.

o3rd & 4th Weeks: seek out one relevant article on the same topic to post for future members to read (may not be duplicated but can be from another field).

o3rd week: find an article and develop and post one thought question to encourage critical thinking to guide future discussions.

o 4th week: read two other articles posted by other Members and respond to at least two article posts by other Members on their articles.

odevelop a summary of the article and discussion at the end of the week.

oselect two articles posted by other Community Members to read and discuss (at least 2 posts).

oA short summary of the article will be posted by each member participating in the discussion.

oat the conclusion of the CoP, all Community Members will post a comprehensive reflection of the CoP topic. These reflections are required to be at the upper levels of higher order thinking (synthesis and evaluation.)

Evaluation and Assessment (Describe how you will evaluate student learning & presentation effectiveness.)

Because the learning is generated and co-created by the Community Members, evaluation will be done based on the quantity of involvement (number and timing of postings) and the quality (synthesis and evaluation of the 4 weeks from the Reflection posting.) An RID evaluation tool will be used to ascertain the effectiveness of the CoP in furthering the knowledge of the Community Members in the topic area of participation.

Course categories

Communities of Practice3

CoP-Court & Legal Settings4



CoP-Various Topics2




CoP-Research Topics2

CoP-Business (GS)2

CoP-How Stuff Works2

CoP-VRS Interpreting2
IS Study Groups9
ISM Individual Study Modules10

Welcome to the site where Signs of Development conducts study groups and mentoring sessions!!! Please click on the forum for which you have registered.

If you are not currently a member of our groups and would like more information, please go to and click Certification Preparation Study Groups to see the opportunities we have available for interpreters to prepare for certification processes or to participate in group or individual mentoring.


If you have been notified that your registration has been approved and provided with a key code to get into your respective group but are still unable to gain access, please email with as much specific information as possible (what forum, the message received, what email address you are using, when you registered, and how you obtained information that you had been successfully registered, etc.) The more information you provide, the quicker the process of diagnosing the problem and ensuring access! Have fun and see you in the threads!

Thanks and look forward to working with you all!

Lynne Wiesman, MBA, SC:L, CI/CT

Master Mentor